baby teeth

Loss of Primary (Baby) Tooth

Normal Loss of Primary Tooth:
Primary teeth (also called Baby Teeth) are going to fall out. This is a normal part of life. How can you stop the bleeding when it happens? Follow these instructions:

  1. Apply a piece of folded gauze to the bleeding area.
  2. Have your child bite down on gauze for 15 minutes.
  3. If bleeding continues, call our office.

Knocked Out or Broken Primary Tooth
Your child is going to lose their baby teeth at some point so do you need to do anything if one gets knocked out? Usually this does not require immediate attention, however it is worth a phone call to our office to discuss your child’s specific situation. Here is what to do:

  1. Contact our office.
  2. Do NOT try to reinsert the tooth, as this may damage permanent tooth buds.
  3. Make sure your child has no other injuries. Often a lip may also be bruised or bleeding. Clean the area and apply cold compresses to keep the lip from swelling more. If you are unsure of a head or neck injury, have the child’s physician perform a head/neck exam.
  4. Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling.
  5. An x-ray may be necessary to make sure the entire tooth has come out.
  6. Impressions may be taken to create a spacer to maintain the space for the permanent tooth to come in.

**Small fractures of baby teeth are very common, especially when children are learning to walk.