pediatric dental emergency

What Do I Do in a PEDIATRIC Dental Emergency?

When a pediatric dental emergency arises unexpectedly, the Smile Academy team is here to help. Injuries to the face, mouth, and teeth are common among children. Assess whether your child’s injury caused vomiting or loss of consciousness even for a short time. If so, contact your child’s physician immediately. Head injuries take priority over mouth and tooth concerns. If not, stay calm and follow these steps for treating common pediatric dental emergencies when they occur.

Baby Teeth
Permanent Teeth (lost or broken)
Mouth Injuries (cut on tongue/lip/cheek, broken jaw, cold sores)
After Trauma Care

We promise to ALWAYS work you into our schedule when an emergency strikes during office hours. If you experience an emergency after hours, call our office number to be directed to the on-call pediatric dentist.